08 March 2014

summertime in alaska

wow -- i never realised how many posts i do about alaska... there must be something i love about it.

i recently uploaded pictures from my nikon camera to my computer and was surprised to discover about seven hundred ALASKA pictures.  this means that i haven't uploaded my nikon in about... oh... eight months.  here is a sampling of some of my favourite pictures...

25 February 2014

life on a boat: costa rica and panama

i admit that i can't complain... what with this polar vortex thing going on up in the states, but it is so HOT here.  i did not know it was possible for a human to sweat THIS MUCH. 

that being said ... i'd rather be here. 

i've done the panama canal now four times, soon to be five.  at the end of my two months down here, i will have spent three weeks in panama, almost two of those in the canal alone.  the story is good, the engineering is a marvel... but in the end it's a large muddy ditch through a jungle. 

here are some photos of my time down here...

dreaming of alaska...

there is a really good story to go along with this incredible picture.   it was last summer, and i had the afternoon off.  we were anchored up in tracy arm, alaska and were sending the zods out on cruises with the guests.  i hopped into the last boat with my friend lucy driving.  this happened to be a photo trip, so many of the guests had wide angle/long lens/bibbity bobbity boo cameras and a happy-go-lucky photog friend of ours, steve, was in a boat just behind ours.  lucy set us up about a quarter of a mile from the face of the glacier - south sawyer glacier - and we waited for a calving.  the first calving came and went, and we all just stood there in awe.  all of a sudden, lucy's radio crackled and steve's voice came out loud and clear:

"next time that happens, DO SOMETHING.  wave your hands in the air."

we couldn't have expected it to happen so soon.  within minutes, this calving happened.  i threw my hands wide in the air {and then elbowed lucy.  she threw her hands up and we cheered}.  i get chills every time i tell this story, and i only recently saw the picture for the first time. 

photo credit to steve morello, a good friend and a great photographer!!

31 January 2014

i am pinning: puppies!

i've already done one of these but it's never a bad time to showcase more adorable puppies.  people are always posting adorbs photos of their four legged friends so grab your furry best friend and check out some of these stunning pups! 

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